Welcome to Woojin Craft Co., Ltd..

We, Woojin Craft Co.Ltd., are No1 technical company
in scientific model product lines in Korea.
Our brand, BORAMAE, is very famous for scientific model lines and well-known in Korea.
We are making every endeavour after progress of scientific model products.
It is our enterprise's goal and policy that we will make up No1 products of this lines in the world.
With this belief, careful selection of materials and best technology, so far we have been able to produce super high quality products.
Due to this results we have developed worldwide 2 stage separable water rocket.
Meanwhile in the field of model airplane lines, we have manufacturized highly efficient aluminium propeller hub, wood propeller, numbering counter winder.
This success and pssibility of our research and development can be done by our foregoing thoughts and technical powers.
The predominance of our products has been proved clearly in nationalwide model plane contest with supreme capability and skills.
Hereafter we promise that we will continually proceed on maintaining BORAMAE to be top grade brand in the world with doing our best endeavour in research and development.
We are once again thanking for everybody who has encouraged, supported and made much of us so far.